We build custom innovation labs providing reliable structure to innovation

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Technology Agnostic | Design Obsessed | Business Nerds


Product is the vital essence of what we do, and truly great product is born of meticulous planning and process. This is where we specialize, taking a lean & agile approach to product creation.

  • Understanding the MVP
  • User Story Creation
  • Technical Architecture
  • Technical Specifications
  • Brand Direction
  • Growth Tools Integration


One of our values as company is 'Beauty in Simplicity' because we love making things simple, intuitive and expertly crafted. Foremost to that is an exceptional user experience.

  • User Experience
  • TV apps, Web & Mobile UI/UX
  • Conversion focused
  • Brand Development
  • Video & Animation
  • Email Campaigns


All great products marry exceptional design with solid execution. We're insatiably curious about what's next in technology, but we will always strive to pick the right tools for the job.

  • SaaS Products
  • WebGL & Canvas
  • PHP/GoLang/Node.js etc
  • JS/Angular/Backbone etc
  • HTML5/CSS3
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About Acumen Digital

At Acumen, we build custom innovation labs to support innovation initiatives for Fortune 500 companies. We employ strategic and tactical solutions to bring practical innovation to your organization, and provide reliable structure to your innovation initiatives.

Disruptive solutions for Your Enterprise

Acumen Digital specializes in the innovation of leading edge digital software technology with the specific intent of swiftly implementing Business to Customer applications that are secure and stable. Our next generation digital solutions are multi-platform and enterprise ready as well as backed by our commitment to providing our clients assistance with any issues they may encounter in order to minimize potential downtime.

Building Compelling Ways to Access Innovation

CIOs and their teams often struggle to stay on the bleeding edge of technology, being asked to deliver innovative new solutions and embrace new and emerging technologies at a more rapid pace each year. Supporting existing systems and enhancing business critical applications stand in their way. Working with our innovation teams has its advantages. By outsourcing early stage innovation, CIOs and development managers can address business needs and maintain stability with the existing production environment.